ABOUT ME AND MY PRACTICE - I have been practicing as a defense lawyer since 1979. All of those years were spent in the courthouse in Colorado Springs defending the accused. I do not run a “plea mill.” I like cases in which the accused wants to aggressively challenge the charges put against him or her. If you desire a quick plea of guilty with a “go along-get along” lawyer who will advise a plea bargain in most cases, you may want to search further. The focus of my practice is TRIAL LAW. I am a 1979 graduate of the University of Denver School of Law. I graduated in the top third of my class. I passed the Colorado Bar Exam on the first try in the same year. While studying for the bar exam I was a law clerk for Judge John Gallagher of this Judicial District. Upon passing the bar I joined the Colorado State Public Defenders Office. I was there for 17 years, all but one year in Colorado Springs. I eventually became a division lead and received extensive trial training. As lead counsel or in a supervisory role, I was involved in most every serious case the Defenders Office was assigned. I am a graduate of the NATIONAL COLLEGE OF CRIMINAL DEFENSE. I am a member of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Association. I am fully licensed to practice law in Colorado. You can check out my record at the Supreme Court of Colorado’s website. I suggest you do that before you consider hiring any lawyer for your case.